HPMC For Cement Mortar

HPMC can widely used in cement mortar,hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose can provide high water retention,improve workability and anti-sagging.

HPMC For Wall Putty

HPMC is Raw white color Powder made from refined cotton and chemicals, it is widely used in Tile Adhesive, Wall Putty, and other construction materials. It has the advantages of Water Retention, Easy Construction, and smooth wall formed.

HPMC For Tile Adhesive

HPMC can enhance the opening hours, sag resistance,adhesive strength,anti-sliding and other general physical properties of tile adhesives.


hpmc manufacturer

JinZhou HPMC cellulose co.,ltd , we established in in 2008 , we specialize in manfacture hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and Redispersible Polymer Powder(RDP) for many years , our company covers an area of 120 acres, now has 280 employees, including 28 senior technicians. Now the company has a non-ionic hpmc cellulose ether production line whose annual yield is 18000 tons and 15000 tons of redispersible polymer powder per year , today our products cover 30% of the domestic market , and we have established long term business relationship with many countries .
our product are widely used in the construction industrials , such as cement motar , tile adhesive, wall putty, wall panel & Block Jointing and the daily chemicals. It has the advantages of water retention, easy construction, and smooth wall formed.

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What is HPMC ?

HPMC is short for Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, It is also Non-ionic cellulose ether, it is is a natural polymfer cellulose as raw material, made of a series of chemical processing and non-ionic cellulose ether. It is white powder with good water solubility. hpmc have many properties such as thickening, adhesion, dispersing, emulsifying, film, suspended, adsorption, gel, and protective colloid properties of surface activity and maintains moisture function properties . Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose are widely used in construction materials,building materials, coatings industry, synthetic resin, ceramic industry, textile, agriculture, daily chemical and other industries. Our product are mainly to used for the construction industries.

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